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Like many others in the beautiful Bulkley Valley, we got our start in the black angus business with a heifer from my parents, Frank & Dianne Strimbold, of Poplar Meadows Angus.  That heifer, Poplar Meadows Mayflower 12B was a granddaughter of "Canadian Colossal".  We had her right up until November of 2010! She was an amazing cow! Her last daughter, 1J, lived to be 19 as well!

We ran her with Brent's parents commercial herd for the first few years and got our first registered calf in 1998.  And... the rest is history!  We have 85 cows, about 2/3 are registered and 1/3 are commercial.
We have 2 kids Shea and Tori.  Tori Lives in Houston as well and has a dog grooming business and a LOVE of horses!   Shea is a mechanic and has his own service truck and lives in Houston too.   He and his partner, Carli,  have 2 daughters-Taylor who is 11 and Addie who is 2 . We are very fortunate to have the kids and grandkids so close!  Taylor is in 4-H and Addie already has a love of cows! So this Nana  is pretty happy!!
We have a gravel pit as well as trucks and equipment, Brent hauls gravel and runs his equipment.  I recently sold my real estate office so I am able to focus more on the cattle, feeding and haying .   We lead a busy life and therefore are trying to raise no fuss, easy  doing cattle.
We would love to show off our herd.  Feel free to stop by anytime, whether you are in our neck of the woods fishing, hunting or snowmobiling or just passing through! We are located 2.5km off Highway 16 on Buck Flats Road.


Brent & Lia Long

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